day 4…

I’m trying to get back into running…I need to…otherwise I face the inexorable progress to ‘stoutness’ (a Thompson family legacy!).

I got into the habit over the summer break, getting into a good rhythm of weekly runs and really noticed the difference.  But within a few weeks of starting at school I found my evenings were being swallowed up by the never-ending lesson planning process…and running became the inevitable casualty.

I’m not a great runner.  Never have been.  Not built for speed.  But there is something deeply relaxing about going out…however weird that might sound.  For 30+ minutes I’ve got nothing on my mind but the next step…and whatever flows in and out as I’m plodding along.

Well…windy January nights may not be the best time to get going again…but if I get it nailed now…who knows, I might even just become a ‘runner’.


2 thoughts on “day 4…

    1. Ha! Chickened out tonight after a light breeze turned into a swirling monster with rain to boot. Feel a bit of a plonker for having put up a picture of my shoes and not going out after all!

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