Day 3…

Today was a Marjon day.  To the uninitiated, that means a teacher training college day where we focus on General Professional Standards.  Today’s GPS covered two very different subjects – Use of ICT and E-Safety in the morning session and Racial Diversity in the afternoon session.

Both sessions were great, but this morning stood out for me in terms of quality of presentation and inspiration.  Both speakers were passionate about their subject. Dan Roberts (aka Chicken Saltash), Assistant Headteacher at Community College in Cornwall,  spoke about how ICT should be embraced in learning despite the potential difficulties.  There’s loads on his blog to work through…much better for you to go there than me repeat it all!

The second part of the session focused on e-safety, again excellent content and really enlightening.  I’d thoroughly recommend the work of Ken Corish (featured in today’s picture).

The basic message was to embrace social media, not fear it – but to be completely sensible in what we put up online, to perhaps think about having personal and professional identities that are kept separate where possible.  Would be interested on your views on this…

Learning from this – how can I bring the best of Web 2.0 into the classroom to encourage learning?


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