Come on…

Over the last couple of months I’ve gotten back into the habit of running again.  The last time I was this committed was back in 2007 when I completed the Great West Run (1/2 Marathon) with my good friend Steve Jones.  We trained a whole heap together, and had some awesome conversations.  This time I’m on my own, which is a really interesting experience, particularly in terms of keeping going when all I want to do is take the short-cut home.  I’m sure there’s some decent reflective material in there, but I want to focus on something else tonight.

I use a fancy app on my iPhone to keep a track of how I’m doing.  It allows me to play a playlist from my music collection as I’m going, which at the moment I’m using to create some meditative space as I’m running.  Not long ago I was at a conference where one of our speakers encouraged us to find something to feed our bodies as well a create space simply to enjoy ‘being’.  That’s what seems to be happening for me with this running lark.

One of the songs I listen to each time is Rend Collective Experiment’s “Come On”.  It’s a really simple song that states a sentiment that I often feel in terms of how I orientate myself towards God:

Come on my soul
Come on my soul
Let down the walls
And sing my soul

Come on, come on, come on, come on
It’s time to look up

I often feel that I have to tell myself to focus on God.  I don’t know why.  I’ve long lost the desire to stand in a room for ages with loads of other people with their eyes closed, singing until I feel something…but I haven’t lost the desire to connect with the creator of the universe, the redeemer of all creator, the Spirit of the living God. Tired, weary, cynical…maybe…but my soul still cries out to God that I want to look up and be ‘one’ with him.  Not just as I’m singing but always.  In every moment.  When my soul wants to.  When it doesn’t.

It’s a good song for running too.  It keeps me going.  It forces me on even when I want to stop.

“Come on, my soul”…keep going.  Keep running on this journey out.


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