What a fascinating word – if it actually exists. Came across it last night in the resource I’ve started using for my daily reflective act. It was framed in the context of the provision of manna for the Israelites during the wilderness experience by God.

Made me think about how so much of my discontent is driven simply by that – a lack of contentment with that which I already have. I’m not talking here about some kind of apathy that doesn’t seek to change the status quo when necessary, or seeks to make the most of the gifts I have to fulfil my potential. I think it’s more about that itch that says that I haven’t ‘got’ enough, or that if only I had ‘x’ my life would be so much better.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this is one of the key tools of marketers – creating a desire within the consumer for something that they often don’t even need. It also speaks into our ability to view relationships in a similar way – consuming people as a way to ‘scratch an itch’. Friendships that are more about getting some kind of perceived benefit rather than simply ‘being’ with people.

So – what would enoughness look like? It might mean something of a process of slowing down to enjoy the present and all that it brings – rather than restlessly chasing the future. It might mean deciding to think about the absolute necessity of every purchase. Don’t know about you – but I can justify the ‘need’ for everything, no matter how big, small, cheap or expensive.

It might mean thinking about the complex web of relationships I’ve formed over the years – for example reflecting on the desire to have more Facebook friends simply because it’s good to see that little number heading upwards. Are my ‘real-life’ friendships formed simply on the usefulness of the person I’m seeking to be friends with, or simply because they’re people that it’s good to be around?

I really do want to try to live a life of enoughness, content in God’s provision for today…but I sense that this could be a long and arduous process of discernment and action…

But, then, life was never meant to be simple, was it?


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