Just got back from the annual National Youth Officers conference – the bunch of lovely people who do the same (or similar) role as me at Diocesan level in the Church of England.  What a inspirational bunch they are.  This year, the South-West region…that is us lot down ‘ere…hosted, in a pretty run-of-the-mill hotel just outside of Gloucester.  Actually…it just proved that the venue isn’t ever the important thing…but it worked just fine.

Our desire was to create a space for relaxation, unwinding and refreshment…and I think we achieved it, listening to the verbal feedback we’ve had so far.  Just creating space like this for a bunch of activists like us lot is invaluable.  Our key speakers were the fabulous Jenny Baker of Greenbelt and Sophia Network, Bishop Mike of Bristol and Dave Wiles of Frontier Youth Trust.  Between them they did a fantastic job of taking us on a journey away from the ‘existence’ that so many of us experience – that is simply surviving from day to day – towards a life that is rooted deeply in who we are and who we were created to be.

Lots to chew on…which I’m sure I’ll come back to at some point…

Made me think a lot about finding a rhythm of life, once again…


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