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If you follow this blog, you’ll know we’re really interested in what it looks like to be a really community orientated couple…and have a few ideas about what that might look like, in terms of creating a way of ‘being’ church that impacts people around us where they are, rather than expecting them to come to where we are…

Some people who are inspiring us at the moment are the Park Life guys in Heavitree (a part of Exeter).  This is their ‘blurb’:

Inspired by our view that the park acts as a kind of ‘community glue’ we have a growing vision that see a community cafe running in the park. As active users of Heavitree Pleasure Ground we see the potential for this to support bringing together the community in and around the park. 

They’re a group of people, most with some kind of Christian background, who are trying to figure out what it looks like to serve God and their community, and make a whole heap of friends along the way.

Last night I spent a few hours in a local pub with a bunch of guys (including someone that bizarrely I did my Gap year with 10 years ago!) having a conversation based around a book we’ve all read/are reading called ‘The Orthodox Heretic’ by Peter Rollins.  It’s available for 68p on Kindle/iPad/reader at the moment…so don’t miss it.  It’s a great read – really positively provocative…in that it will challenge your assumptions for the better.  We started talking about a ‘park-ology’ – basically what shapes what they’re doing in the park.  Really enjoyed the conversation.  One of the things we talked about is what church might look like if we took this stuff seriously – taking pointers from something Tobit and I had looked at recently from Solomon’s Porch, a Christian community in the US.  They have a really beautiful way of gathering together, and also a really great way of describing what orientates their life together.  Much on this latter link resonates with me.

Park Life is a really interesting, slow burning, missional expression of faith and community that excites me.  Maybe this is what we should be doing where we are?  Much to think on…


2 thoughts on “park life…

    1. I really enjoyed the conversation…just great to hang out with a reasonably like minded bunch of folk. Will try and make it a regular occurrence. The more think about it the more it feels like there’s something in the Heath Life idea…

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