Looking forward to spending a few days off work, nothing much planned (apart from tomorrow’s trip to see Rob Bell in Cheltenham!). Nice to have a few days to unwind, read and hang out with some friends…

Can’t quite believe the spike in stats from yesterday’s post – thanks to everyone who took the time to read my rambling thoughts. It wasn’t the easiest thing to write, but was pretty cathartic. Also, apologies to all who saw it through Facebook and have commented. I’m still fasting the FB so can’t reply, but will do come resurrection day. Feel free to come across to the blog, though and have a chat…I’m always up for a good conversation. If you haven’t read it yet you can find the post here:

Had a lovely weekend with the family – we took Sephi swimming yesterday – can’t believe how good she’s getting…almost got some self propulsion going! Also bought her a little football (see right!)…she’s got a pretty decent left foot (like her Uncle Richard!). One of my parental goals is to make sure she can kick and throw a ball decently…so the training has started! Kay may even be weakening on my plan to guide Sephi towards the Black and White side of life…!

Would that be a safeguarding issue? Inflicting pain and humiliation through choice of football team?


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