the story so far…

For a while I’ve thought about putting down on paper some of the reasons why I moved on from officership with the Salvation Army.  I haven’t done so before now for a few reasons, but really, I suppose, because I haven’t wanted to cause offence to anyone .  Inevitably, whenever you write something like this, some people will disagree with some of what I’ve written.  That’s ok.  I guess all I ask is that you understand that this is my thinking, my understanding and my experience.  This is why I started a blog – a place to process my experiences, to share something of my story.  Well, here it is…

If you’re really interested, click to open the link below…it’s a bit of a read…but hopefully makes sense.

my story…


5 thoughts on “the story so far…

  1. ha! I looked…
    I know how hard it write this kind of thing, and you have done well.
    I was interested in one of the responses at the other place (but you will have to wait to read that).
    One of the hardest things I went through in my own version of this was not, in the end, the decision and follow through, but finding graceful ways to repsond to people who go to great lengths to try and persuade you back. For me, this illustrated how little of life was actually shared

    1. Thanks, Tobit. Appreciate the encouragement. Will look forward to reading the comments…I think I know the one you mean…Kay mentioned it to me. We had a lot of people trying to ‘help’ us to change our minds at the times, quite forcibly in some cases – but I viewed it all as being a healthy part of making sure we were doing the right thing…if you know what I mean.

      Agreed on your final point – something that has challenged me immensely. I’m not sure how many people outside of our immediate family knew how I felt – and part of feeling a bit isolated within the past place was a lack of that place to share, I suppose. Being an officer (minister) was a very lonely place at times.

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