the bean…

20110410-095920.jpgSo, two weeks to go until the fasting ends.

Can’t say I’m missing FB hugely, but at the same time am missing being connected with everyone so simply. There is much to be said about the kind of community that it has created, following my reflections earlier during Lent. Tobit, you were probably right!

As for coffee, well that’s a different story entirely. I’ve taken to drinking green tea, which is nice, but it’s not the bean. Loads of people have asked me if I’m drinking decaf – thinking that the point is to cut caffeine out…but for me the caffeine is part of the story – but the main players are the taste, the experience of having the perfect Americano. I suppose that’s what I’m missing. Chewing over a problem at work with a coffee in hand. Delving deeper into whatever book I’m working through (Drops Like Stars – great read; Fry Chronicles – brilliant) with a freshly brewed Boston’s house. Sitting in the sun with my beautiful family sipping away at the black stuff…

I know, I’m sad. It’s a simple pleasure, though…and one that isn’t exactly evil…there are far worst addictions out there. I suppose that’s what I should call it after all.

It’s been good to give it up though, to break what becomes a routine is a good thing. Could even say breaking my dependence on coffee – I can exist pretty well without it!

I was talking with someone about the importance of disruption as an educational tool. That is when you shake things up, throw in something unexpected. Something that throws the learner off-balance for long enough for them to be forced to rethink their perspective, their world view, even if it is just for a really short moment before they regain their ‘thinking balance’, as it were.

I suppose this is what happens whenever something doesn’t happen as we expect it to, or we fail in some way. We’re forced to learn, forced to rethink.  I’ve always seemed to do my best learning at these points. Perhaps we need more of them to make learning really work?

See what happens when I stop drinking coffee!?

Only two more weeks…


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