fond memories…

A couple of nights ago, as I was trying to get to sleep, a song creeped into my head from quite a while ago.  Let me take you back to the swelteringly hot summer of 2003.  Cadet Martin Thompson was on his summer ‘out’ placement from William Booth College, shadowing the marvellous work of Lieutenant Shawn Moye, Divisional Youth Officer for the Anglia Division.  One of the highlights of what was a brilliant summer was the final thing we did – ASCA – or Anglia School of Christian Arts, or Music School, or Band Camp, depending on your persuasion.

Anyway – ASCA was a week long summer camp for young members of the Salvation Army where they studied various art forms, hence the name.  As Shawn’s assistant I had been involved in prepping for the week and being in contact with all of the rest of the staff team to work out bits and pieces in advance.  One of those staff members was a young lady called Kay Brine.  During that week we found out we liked each other quite a lot, and…well, the rest is history.

As part of the week, the whole school sang several songs as a whole, including the bandos, the dancers…everyone.  One of them became really important as we shared it together.  Holy Father, a song performed by the Swedish Vasa Gospel Choir, had been picked by the fantastic Susanna Hart to finish our final festival.  The atmosphere, already special from a blessed week together during which the Holy Spirit had done some incredible things, became immensely charged with ‘something’.  God moved.  I don’t think anyone in that hall could ignore that God was and is real.

Anyway, that’s the background to why I’m sharing this video below.  Kay and I listened to it last night and it really did bring back all the memories from the very beginning of our life together.  I hope you enjoy it…and get a sense of what I’m talking about above…


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