bleak youth…

Excellent article online at The Guardian today about how young people are bearing the brunt of cuts to the public sector.  The position in Devon is pretty much as this article outlines, but the voluntary youth sector are being particularly hard hit by 100% funding cuts to Voluntary Youth Services Devon, a key network in supporting all kinds of youth groups/organisations.

The great shame, of course, is that all the evidence is suggesting that young people have been hardest hit by the recession that we’re experiencing, from youth unemployment to not being able to afford first mortgages etc.

Cue headlines in a year or two about the rise of youth crime/disaffection…

And we wonder why some of the student protestors might resort to violent methods to drive home their point.  No justification here from me…just a reflection.

Where are we, the Church, in responding to this?

One of my key training resources asks two simple questions
– what are young people looking for?
– what can the church offer young people?

Every time I say the same thing – hope…as in the hope of the gospel, the hope of a life transformed, the hope of life in all it’s fullness.  I think it’s about time we started doing something about that…


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