21st century parenting…

Modern Motherhood - The Guardian, Saturday 26th March 2011

Just read this article after being pointed towards it by Kay…

What do you think?  Comments here at t’blog (https://missiome.wordpress.com) not on FB if you don’t mind…that way I’ll be able to read them and respond.

I’ll put my thoughts in a comment below in a little while…


One thought on “21st century parenting…

  1. Ok – so here we are, quite a while after I wrote the initial post. I think, as with most extracts from books, this article seems to be a little hyperbolic. It’s written from a particular perspective, for a particular family with the particular arrangement that they’ve found themselves in. At the same time, I have been challenged to examine my motives behind what I do in looking after Sephi. Do I let Kay take over when I should be doing something with Sephi because of some inbuilt sexism? I honestly don’t think so. I think I zone out from time to time…as I always have (just ask my Mum and Dad!). I think we have a healthy balance of responsibility shared between us, and have taken seriously what it means to be a partnership.
    So, interesting article, bit over-the-top, but made me stop and think…

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