leaning left…

By nature I tend to think left of centre – by that I’m referring to my political leanings.  You may have already picked that up in some of my previous rants…I think I’m fairly happy to be open about this kind of stuff.

My journey to the left was something like Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus…well, maybe not, but it was something of an epiphany.  I entered Uni as fairly right wing (anyone who’s met my much loved brother will catch my drift!), then somewhere in the middle it all came apart and got reconstructed.  I emerged something of a Christian marxist…if such a thing is possible…passionate about egalitarianism and the rights of the people.  I’ve moderated a wee bit, but I’m still somewhere in that area.

So, when taking note of the outcome of the Labour leadership campaign I was a little surprised at the choice of the party/union of ‘Red’ (hilarious!) Ed…and my initial response was…what on earth are they doing?  Do they want the political wilderness that ignoring ‘purple’ David seems to usher in?  Now, I wrote the preamble because I want to explain where I stand – I’m with Ed, but I’m also a wee bit of a pragmatist…being in power gives you a chance to change things – but you have to get into power first.

Is Ed electable?  On todays performance he came across well, if not a little dull.  The reality today is that he needs to work on his communication skills (compare Blair to Brown) as our political system limps its way towards Presidential politics (“I agree with Nick” etc.).  But there is something about where he’s coming from that my heart beats quickly about.

Leadership is a funny thing – but it always comes down to pretty simple things – has the person got a positive character, are they credible…do people want to follow them?

Let’s wait and see.  Will he get the chance?  Let’s hope so…


2 thoughts on “leaning left…

  1. That’s the thing, isn’t it. It seems a little…well, short sighted. And he is going to struggle to shake the leftie/in the Union’s pockets thing. I don’t think it’s just the Tory press that will highlight that…I think the Unions may as well!

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