every once in a while…

…you get a chance to work with really inspirational people.  One of those I’ve had the privilege to work with recently has been the remarkable Scott Gould, brains behind Like Minds and other brilliant Social Networking/Media operations.  We worked together to create my team’s new Web presence (Exeter CCYP)…although to be fair, he did the hard work, I just sketched the outline for him to play with.  Scott is at the forefront of a real seismic shift in how we work together as community to transform our world.

I’ve had several fantastic conversations with Scott about all sorts of things – not least his passion for seeing young people fulfil their potential in Christ.  Why not pop along to his site and see what he’s up to…and if you’ve got some work for him, I’m sure he’d be happy to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “every once in a while…

    1. I read it the other day – really good stuff. Love the way that you’re bringing all these voices together!

      I was toying with the idea of doing something around christian youth work/ministry…getting different voices from very different perspectives together and getting a conversation going…

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