(the reflection from this morning’s team prayers…)

Be content with a divided mind, for the precise mind, without doubt or indecision, persecutes…

Be content with an uneasy conscience, for the supposedly guiltless conscience scapegoats and commits atrocities with an easy mind…

Be content with a sense of failure, for success puts you above others, and seduces you into ideologies...


2 thoughts on “contentment?

  1. Hi Martin, I have a divided mind, an uneasy conscience, and often feel a sense of failure – does that make me constantly therefore single in purpose, clear of conscience and successful and fit for the Kingdom? When are you coming round for coffee next?

    1. Ivan – great to have you back on board and commenting! I’ll get back to your two other comments in a mo…

      I was just saying to someone the other day that I think we often get confused that God just wants us to be ‘happy’ – fitting into the ‘happy midi’ narrative that Mayo, Mayo and Collins (I think) describe in their book ‘reaching Gen Y’. My experience is that more often than not God disturbs us out of our comfort zone. That’s the place I’d rather be! The place that stimulated people like Booth and Wilberforce and so on…

      And a coffee would be fab!

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