Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about tribes…about how people come together.  This is sparked by what I’ve picked up from what people have had to say about Seth Godin’s book ‘Tribes‘.  Basically, I need to buy the book at some stage or at least borrow it from a willing local friend…

Anyway, that’s beside the point.  The thing that’s been rolling about in my head is about which tribe I belong to, or perhaps more specifically about which tribe I can speak into.  I’ve got this sense that this where the future is leading to…but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Watching friends like Johnny Laird and Chris Hinton doing their thing is encouraging me to get off by lazy blogging butt and do something…but I need to figure out what useful stuff I’ve got to say.

I tend to blog a little randomly – basically whatever catches my attention, rather than targeting a specific area of interest. Maybe I need to be more focused…thing is, though…that’s not how my brain works.  I seem to see pictures…or webs…of ideas joining together.  I often describe my work as helping people join up the dots.

I’d be interested in hearing what you think on this…

In the meantime…here’s one book (see this post) that literally turned my world upside down:

Threshold of the Future – Mike Riddell
I picked this booked up while studying at the William Booth College, the Salvation Army ministry training college.  I think I was supposed to be writing an assignment about post-modernity…something along those lines.  Within these pages, though, everything I’d been thinking and feeling for the past few years came together.  It suddenly all made sense.  The reason why I was dissatisfied with ‘the status quo’…why I had this feeling that God was bigger than I could ever understand…why holiness wasn’t about some kind of unattainable perfection thing…this book opened up my mind to all of this (like the Acts 10 movement) and so much more…a journey that has continued beyond ministry with the Army and on beyond where we are now.  This book was simply transformational…I couldn’t recommend it enough.  I wonder if I went back and read it now it would be the same experience…

Still interested in your books…!


5 thoughts on “tribes…

  1. Hi Martin, I enjoyed your post.

    Seth Godin’s book looks pretty interesting, I think it’s useful reading for the changing times of today. It’s encouraging how each one of us can make a small yet meaningful difference, though many have neglected the responsibility that comes with it.

    The modern ‘tribes’ are interconnected like never before, our words and actions have the capacity to influence others whether we realise it or not. This is a promising evolution but can also be double-edged sword in equal measure. Which is where our faith (& God’s grace) plays a significant role and as I’m sure you’ll agree, cannot be overlooked.

    Hope your own ‘tribe’ and mission brings others towards Christ : )

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Atticus,

      Thanks for joining the conversation – great to have you onboard!

      Agreed with you re: the potential with Tribes. As you rightly point out the tension is in how we engage with culture without losing our core identity -the old chestnut of what our non-negotiables are (trinitarian etc.) and what we can afford to be much more open about (our ‘church practices etc.).

      So many get caught in the trap of either going too far, others don’t want to engage…simply out of fear of ‘dilution’ of their ‘faith’ (when what they really mean is how they do church!).

      I’m fascinated by trying to figure out what the tribes are that I may be part of, and how I incarnate the Jesus story in them.

      Thanks again,

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