what does Easter mean to you?

Easter Saturday is one of those funny days – an in-between day – on one side the solemnity and reflection of Jesus’ incredible act of love on the cross, on the other side the incredible joy of resurrection day.

I spent some time reflecting yesterday about what Easter means to me – and I wonder what your response would be to that question…

For me it’s linked inextricably with a quote (I think originally from Trotsky) that Che Guevara used throughout his revolutionary life.  He talked about ‘permanent revolution‘ – which has got it’s own Marxist interpretation…but set me thinking the first time that I read Guevara’s biography.

Easter is a permanent revolution – God moves in a way that has transformed, is transforming and will always transform our world.  The cross is a place of constant change – for us, for our understanding of God.  Resurrection brings hope that no matter how bad it may be, there can be ‘hope’.  God is at work.  Revolutionarily, sometimes quietly, sometimes deafeningly loud.  Jesus’ death on the cross ushers in the new world…of permanent change.  Nothing can hold his people back – not even death.  We’re constantly co-partnering with God in his mission to ‘re-create’ this world in his image, in his way.

Just when we think we’ve got it all sorted, something new emerges. God drags us out of our comfort zone to see the reality of the world as he sees it.  Beautiful, yet desperately in need of his touch.  Lives damaged, frail and yet full of potential for good.  Easter is the promise of so much more for all of us.

So, for me, Easter means ‘permanent revolution’.  That’s what I want to be part of…


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