Throughout lent Kay and I signed up to a daily reflection written by a friend of ours from church.  It’s been a really interesting journey…

Really wanted to share one of her thoughts…hope she doesn’t mind!

As we draw to the close of our adventure, other seemingly conflicting ideas must also be held together.

We must act/we must pause

We must choose/we must remain open

We are individuals/we are intrinsically connected

We matter more than we can ever know/We are dust

Perhaps there is an idea beyond these paradoxes where we might dwell beyond the tension of the opposites.  I have not found it.  What I can see from here is that the paradox involves a dance in partnership with life, a dance of acting and pausing, of opening up and closing down, of noticing individuals and noticing peoples, of deep significance and humility.

I love the idea of life being a ‘dance’ between paradoxes – a move away from black vs white…different moments requiring different responses.  The idea of a creative tension is something that both excites me and challenges me.  As posted previously it’s something I find great attraction to the older I get.   Truth is truth, but there is much to be explored that we can’t be certain that we will ever know the right answer for.  So sometimes we have to be prepared to move between positions, to learn as we go along…to adapt our dance steps to flow with changes of rhythm music sometimes has.

I remember reading somewhere that our relationship with God the Trinity is something like a dance that we get to participate in.   It’s something quite beautiful when you think about it.  The relationship is consistently evolving, moving…whilst remaining in place (i.e. the partners don’t change).

Might sound a little random…but got me thinking…


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