32 years old…wow…how did that happen?!

32 years…5 years at home, 16 years in education, 2 years working for the careers service and local authority youth service, 1 year out as a youth pastor, 2 years ministry training, 3 years as a Salvation Army officer, 3 years as an Anglican youth work adviser…

32 years…married for 5, father for almost 11 months…

32 years…travelled further than I could have ever imagined in so many ways…

32 years…what a life I’ve been privileged to live…

Thanks…to everyone who has ever been an influence and shaped me…both positively and negatively. I’m the sum of my experiences…you’ve made me who I am today – and I have no regrets.

Where next? Who knows?!


6 thoughts on “32…

    1. Not rushing anywhere! Seriously…happy to live day by day and content in who God has called me to be.

      Just feel like we’re on the threshold of something big this year!

      1. That’s interesting because the congregation we’re part of down here are also very much of that mind. There are definitely some exciting things happening this year!!

  1. I’m assuming I’m one of the negative experiences… 😉

    Oh, and 33’s not so bad. 32 was great for me – I became a Dad then.

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