…it’s been a while. Maybe one of these days I’ll start a post off with a different sentiment!

Kay and I are still exploring our future – the communal living/monastic thing isn’t going away, but we’re in the process of exploring a few different things. So – we’d appreciate prayers around a few bits and pieces:

  1. For people to do with this – we may not have met them yet, they may be our best friends…but this is something we really, passionately believe is core to this working. Having a group of people who are at the same stage as us and believe the same kind of stuff as us is so important. We don’t want to rush into this just because someone vaguely feels it might be a good idea.
  2. For the right property – for this to work we’re going to need a pretty big place. In the city. Which means big bucks. Which we don’t have. Which is point at which you have to trust in God. I think you get the drift!
  3. For an idea of what the shape of community life needs to look like – for example, do we follow a rule?

I’m also exploring ordination – although at a distance, and I’m not entirely sure what this will look like having been through ministry training and commissioning/ordination with The Salvation Army. It just ‘feels’ like the time is right.

So, if anyone feels called to explore the communal thing, get in touch. Likewise, if anyone feels led to give us a couple of hundred thousand pounds…please get in touch!



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