singing as hope…

Just finished watching a programme on BBC2 called ‘the Choir’ – if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth watching.  You may hate choral music, but if you love seeing the Spirit at work in the most unlikely places and most incredibly powerful way ‘out there’ then this is an essential.

Basically the idea is very simple – a guy who’s passionate about the redemptive power of music for community cohesion gets a whole bunch of people who’ve never sung before to form a choir.  This time, it’s in a pretty rough community.  The cool thing is that the local Vicar saw the potential for something beautiful to come out of something pretty divided.

Watch here from episode one and then catch up.

Seriously, there is something simply mystical and profound about what happens during this 4 part series.  Something that the church should be doing.

The leaders closing comments say something like this: “the community needs music, it needs what music can do for it, bring it together, bring it hope”.  Isn’t that just something that makes you want to shout “it’s not just music that should be doing this”.  The Spirit of God is out there doing incredible things that we should be trying to join in with…

Where there’s hope, there’s God.  I truly believe that with every bone in my body…it’s my job to try and keep up with him!

Have a look at the series website here


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