Back in March 2007 I wrote a very simple post asking why you believe what your believe.  You can find it here…but I thought it might be interesting to hear your thoughts…

For a while now I’ve been wanting to open a conversation about faith – about why we believe the things we do…

Is it because we need something ‘other’ than ordinary existence?

Is it simply a crutch for the weak?

Is it selfishness – thinking about our eternal future and not wanting to end up in the wrong place?

Is it hedging our bets?

Is it believing in a better vision of life, community, of the world?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts – why do you believe what you believe in…or why don’t you believe in anything?

I promise to reply to comments…

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3 thoughts on “faith…

  1. In his book, about stages of Faith, Fowler says that he believes everyone, unless they are about to put a gun into their mouth and pull the trigger – in other words have lost all hope, holds some kind of faith in something – a kind of vision of nirvana, or what we might call heaven – that we each strive to reach. Obviously, however, not everyone places their vision of “Nirvana” within a belief in a transcendent being (we call God) – some may choose the gathering of possessions whilst others may find it in a specific community of people. Interestingly though, Fowler does not use the word ‘Faith’ as a noun but he maintains it has to be a verb – an act of doing or being linked with trust – he sees faith as action. (For more on this debate see my PhD Thesis!!!!!!!! 🙂 or come and chat)

    1. Further to what I have just written, I read a study – I think the author’s name was Sylvia Collins – which found that teenaged YP tended to hold beliefs similar to a “significant other” (eg a friend, parent, possibly even a youth worker). Sylvia concluded that it was not enough for a YP to know that the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Queen was a Christian – but that it was much more important that someone with whom they hold a strong and lasting relationship believed that influenced them most to believe themselves. Hope that is clear? If not I’ll try and clarify further.

  2. Thanks for the contribution – I was hoping a few more would get involved…maybe we don’t enjoy talking about why we believe what we believe??

    We’ve talked in the past about the importance of relationship (why most yp stay connected with the church) – makes it really vital that we are authentic about our faith journey with yp, not simply trying to teach them ‘correct belief’.

    Faith must be a verb – can’t be anything else…but then an old Salvo would say that, eh?

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