interesting tv…

Channel 4 carried a interesting documentary narrated by Jon Ronson about the Alpha course this evening. You can find it here

Interesting in that there seemed to be something of a agenda to the interpretation of what was going on. I missed the first 10 minutes (only picking up on it from Johnny’s facebook status once it has started) so don’t know if the group were handpicked by the documentary makers or were an ordinary group that the church offered to the documentary makers…

The Holy Spirit weekend, and in particular the ‘tongues’ issue seems to have been a real focal point for the programme…and I’m not sure I like the way they covered it. Dropped in a bit of Toronto Blessing when the actual weekend was fairly laid back in what they explored. Still, not bad for people ‘out there’ to see how a part of the church explores what the Spirit is up to in our lives.

Well worth watching, although there’s no real outcome to the programme. Maybe that’s the idea…but then documentary makers need to be aware that impartial observers sometimes sound less than impartial, and that they can something come across a little judgemental. In fairness, the ‘niceness’ of the Alpha church people was commented on.

I’ve never experienced Alpha, but have really high regard for it. At the same time a more natural, conversation with mates in the pub type approach strikes me as being a really great way of ‘doing’ (or should that be ‘being’?) evangelism. Sure, you don’t necessarily follow a curriculum or anything like that…which is scary because you just have to be open to what the Spirit leads your mates towards. I’d love to try something like this…maybe will.


2 thoughts on “interesting tv…

  1. Have to say I was mostly impressed with the programme, except the big focus on tongues, as you say. I was also disappointed to find that the "table leaders" were upset to be challenged about the voice of God… shame really. Alpha worries me in that it's too structured, whereas the search for Christ is more individual. I agree that meeting with a bunch of mates in a pub exploring what it means to be a Christian is far more suitable, as long as you're confident enough to be challenged…

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