I can’t seem to get out of my head the importance of community to the Christian journey and witness. God in Trinity is community, the people of God motif throughout scripture is all about the community of holiness, the gathering of the disciples and the incredible story of Acts is rooted in community. Faith can’t be expressed in anything other than community.

There’s something profoundly mystical and yet deeply practical about this. It feels like I’m on the verge of something really important and need to explore this. But community can’t be explored alone.

I guess at the heart of this is something around the idea of creating a hub for mission that seriously impacts the community – both in terms of those who make up the hub and the physical community it’s based in. Something like what those incredible Celtic monks did with their communities…hubs of hope, learning, new technology (entreprenuership?), creativity. Beacons of light in the darkness. Spirituality/theology that’s willing to get it’s hands dirty. Somewhere that says that there is a better way to live and seeks to model it.

If you pray, I’d appreciate some words up to Him for us as we figure this one through. What is it that the Spirit is saying to us in this season of our lives? Is this something that intrigues and excites you?

Let me know if you hear anything…


One thought on “community…

  1. Yes! I don't know what else to say than YES! Community is what it's all about. We have to be in community, or we depend on ourselves and our flaws let us down. Community is worth more than the sum of its parts! Community is the proven model, the church needs to move back towards it!
    May God bless you as you work out how to live in community.

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