how the Celts saved Britain…

Late last night I was coaxing Sephi to sleep and perusing iplayer for something worthwhile to watch and came across a great Dan Snow programme from BBC4 called ‘How the Celts Saved Britain: A New Civilization’ – looking at St Patrick in particular but exploring Celtic Christianity as a whole and how it managed to rescue the British isles from the ‘dark ages’ that engulfed them after the Roman Empire’s withdrawl around the 400sAD.

It’s important to remember how adaptive the Roman and Celtic churches were in using pagan spirituality and rites to introduce the gospel message. There was an incredible willingness to embrace, redeem and transform culture rather than stand outside of it and seek to destroy it. Doctrine guided but didn’t constrain mission. So much we can learn from the early church.

Enjoy – I think it’s available until next Wednesday…


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