Well…here I am, lying with my daughter fast asleep on my chest. Surely one of the most beautiful moments for a new Dad. That sense of total vulnerability.

Now, I’m going to attempt to resist the temptation to go on and on about being a new Dad…but bear with me.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my parents. I’ve known nothing but complete love and support in everything I’ve turned my hand to in life. My parents taught me how to be a human being, just what that really means. They gave up so much for my brother and me – and yet never spoilt us. We learned how to work, however begrudgingly in my case. I learned, or should I say caught, my faith from their incredible example. The greatest thing I could ever say is that they gave me an understanding of what God’s parenthood looks like.

And yet it is now that I’m beginning to understand afresh just what that means. A love that goes beyond the physical. A willingness to do anything to provide for and also protect your child. A bewonderment that I’m trusted with this beautiful little girl…and yet know I’m being equipped for it. Even a sense of looking at your creation and saying ‘it’s good’! There is something deeply mysterious that I’m just starting to experience and understand.

For all the long and turbulent nights we’ve had so far and the many, many more to come. For all the tough decisions that lie ahead. For everything I’m becoming. Thank you God for your parenthood of me. Thank you for loving me more than I could ever know. Thank you for giving me incredible chances to grow every day.

I’m blessed. I’m blessed with love from a stunning wife, incredible parents and family. I’m blessed with a healthy and beautiful daughter.

Above all, though, I’m blessed to be a child of the King…


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