such a perfect day…

or to be fair a few perfect days…

Kay and I have just had what feels like a run of great days. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the kingdom, and I’m unashamedly a spring type of guy. We spent the weekend doing a NCT (natural childbirth trust) antenatal intensive course…in other words cramming into one weekend what you usually do in 12 or so evenings!

What a great group of people we got to hang out with. What was really interesting is not being allowed to talk about our work until Sunday. Funny how much we allow work to define us! Anyway, this has been one of the first times I’ve been able to think concretely about becoming a Dad. Just brilliant. Can’t begin to explain how it affects how you think about the parenthood of God…and perhaps shown us where our mission field might be.

So that was the weekend. Monday was all about rethinking how we ‘do’ church with young people. Or perhaps it’s more useful to talk about how the church does missional youth work intentionally. Richard Passmore was a key speaker at our Fishnets day (don’t ask!). Provocative, challenging, encouraging. So much to unpack. I love my job!

Finally, the 17th of March happens to be my birthday…imagine being born on St Patrick’s Day and being a teetotaller! The irony! It’s been a perfect day – even pretty much everything experienced at work!

Put simply, God is good…


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