theology of youth ministry…

This morning we were having a flippant conversation in the office in which I was told that since I wasn’t heading out for a meeting and could therefore attend a team meeting I would be expected to present a 10 minute paper on a theology of youth ministry…what fun we have, I hear you say!

Thing is, we can complicate this stuff massively. We can spend hours debating, we could write a dozen papers…and yet we can express it simply. God is love. Therefore we must love as we are loved.

This of course needs to be explored and expanded. There are many mysteries and treasures to be unpacked. But if we can’t love, then we can’t display God’s grace.

I’ve just started reading the ‘God Delusion’ – as most of atheism in the UK seems now to be built on the word of the great prophet Dawkins! His first chapter creates a separation between what he calls Einstein’s God, in other words the mystery behind scientific discovery that drives such scientists onwards, and the deity that Christians and other’s believe in, a supernatural one. He also begins to dismantle why we theists shouldn’t be treated with any more respect than any other point of view. He wonders why we are listened to when others aren’t and why our beliefs are protected at the expense of others. In particular he argues against those who would not want to enter discussion about their faith and wish to hide behind the ‘because the Bible says so’ argument. It may be that his anger is raised because of the lack of humility of believers in being willing to hear out what our critics have to say and starting there. If we could present our thoughts and our truths (I’m not ashamed to use this word) with love and respect for those who would choose to disagree, I wonder how much wider the door would be. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with the esteemed professor.

I guess this is where I come back to my opening point. Without love we are and we have nothing. No matter with whom we come into contact. No matter. As someone once said – love triumphs over all…


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