end of a busy week….

which may sound a little peremptory! I’ve got heaps of time owed back for all those lovely evenings and weekends I’ve been doing, so enjoying the chance to have a bit of a long weekend. I’m sitting here in our sitting room on the floor…because we’re getting some new sofas and we managed to pass our current ones on to a friend today…ok – more info than you needed! I’m definitely getting old when this becomes exciting. Currently watching “Thursday Night Football” of the American variety. Love it…and staying up late catching up on friends blogs.

Update time – bump seems to be good – K’s starting to feel a little human again. In other words less sicky and more alive during the evenings and weekends. We’re both part of fantastic 4mation groups, which is the way our church (Exeter Network Church) does prayer groups – I’m certain this helps and I know K is really enjoying praying with some great friends.

Work is really interesting – currently in the middle of a lengthy (3 Saturdays spread over 3 months) course down in Plymouth. Great group, really exciting to be working with them. Also got some really exciting stuff coming up in terms of big picture strategy. There are some fascinating possibilities ahead of us if we have the courage to reach out for them.

Personally, I’ve started to feel some old flames igniting again – nothing dodgy though! Stuff about missional church and leadership. I’ve picked up Gibbs and Bolger’s Emerging Church book again and lots of little bells are ringing. Lots to think through about what God might be saying at the moment. I know he’s got me in the right job, and us in the right church. It’s also about how K and I are thinking about seeking to be part of God’s work in every aspect of our lives. I might try to get back into reviewing the book chapter by chapter as I was doing.

Well, that’s it for now…


One thought on “end of a busy week….

  1. It’s nice to see you have such a sense of purpose, and know exactly where you want to be. Everything seems to be going well for you at the moment, and that’s great! Keep doing the good work…:)

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