doing the Lambeth talk…

Yesterday, like Ian, I had the joy of being part of a youth consultation event prior to the Lambeth Conference…well, I wasn’t really taking part, just playing chauffeur to two fantastic young people from Plymouth (Nathan and Lauren). Long drive there and back but worth it to see them really engaging…

The idea was that a group of Archbishops and Bishops from all over the world got together with a group of young people from all over the world to talk through what life is like for younger members of the Anglican community. Ian gives a great overview of it, but basically they covered the themes of ‘faith, life and power’. Hopefully the purple people would have really listened to what the young people were saying, not just what they wanted to hear.

I was really impressed by the young people who helped to host the event from the Leicester Diocese’s Bishop’s Youth Forum. I’ve challenged Nathan and Lauren to think about how we might be able to do something like this on a smaller, local scale with our three Bishops. I really believe these guys could be the ‘genesis’ of some kind of forum down here.

How well do we listen to young people in church?
How well do I listen to young people?


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