Blog rusty…

This sounds like something I’ve been saying a lot in the last few months. I’m not sure exactly what’s happened to my blogging instinct…just been going through one of those quiet periods. I’ve been working on something since the start of the year which means that for the first time pretty much ever I’ve been regularly journalling in a notebook. Perhaps that means I’m processing a lot of my thinking in that context rather than on here. In some ways that’s a good thing, as I don’t have to feel that I have to censor myself!

It’s been a really good few months, however, with a lot of things falling into place in terms of big picture thinking. I’ve also had the privilege of getting out and about to a whole load of really good things. Another huge privilege is getting alongside a growing number of youth workers and supporting them as they journey with the young people that we get to work with.

One of the things I’ve been working on is developing the training that we offer as a Diocese. I’m hoping that before too long we’ll have a foundation course in place that we’ll be able to roll out across the Diocese – something that will work for anyone working with young people in any context. The course that I’m looking at has been put together by some regional colleagues, the youth officers for Bath and Wells and Bristol. We’re hoping that this will really inspire and equip people!

So…God is still good, we’ve been seeing some really great stuff happening out our church (ENC – see right!) which we’re hoping to follow up with ‘the blast’ tomorrow. Stuff based around seeing God at work in some really exciting ways, and how this impacts every aspect of our lives. As far as I can work out faith has to mean transformation – both of ourselves and therefore of our world. It can’t just be something nice and fluffy, or a set of values. It’s got to bring about deep, lasting change. Is that what we’re tapping into when we work with young people?


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