I’ve been really interested to read about Marks and Spencer’s decision to charge 5p per plastic bag. Good stuff…I don’t think people are ever going to take the hint unless they are penalised. Interesting debate to be had here about whether we should be fined if we don’t recycle enough, as my brother’s council in London does!

The interesting thing about this whole debate is the response of one of the major supermarkets (T****!) to M+S’s initiative. They say that they always want their customers to have a choice – which interestingly is also their response as to why they won’t change all their own brand hot beverages to Fair Trade. It sounds like they haven’t got the will or courage to take a major step that many of their consumers are taking at the moment.

Is this kind of choice appropriate, or if we’re going to seriously turn around the damage done to our planet do we need to have our arms twisted (see London High Emissions charge etc.)? Is choice just a convenient capitalist/consumerist excuse?

Could be a great discussion to have with a youth group – especially if you work in something about ‘Free Will’ – how God has created us for relationship for him, but we make the choice…he doesn’t want to force us to love him. Just a thought.

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