multiple 24-a-phon…

Just over a year ago Kay decided to buy us the first season of 24…what a journey we’ve been on!

Now, for a mixture of reasons, but primarily because I was in the middle of a year out, I hadn’t really watched it, and then decided not to watch any of the following seasons as I wanted to start from scratch. Before I knew what had happened 6 years had passed, and starting from scratch would take a long time!

Anyway, back story now told…

We started watching season 1 and boy did we get hooked. We’ve just got to the half way mark of season 4. Some advice…watching it on DVD is the way to go, trust me! Why bother waiting for next weeks episode when you can watch 4 in a row?!?! Or is the climax of consumerism? On demand TV whenever you want it? Oh yeah, sorry, that’s already happening with Sky+ and the rest…

It’s one of those series that you watch and think – ‘this stuff can’t really happen…can it?’ It also teaches you never to take anything at surface level. Kay and I have become pretty good at guessing the next twist before it arrives. And not trusting anyone…!

Just a random comment from a pretty random life…!


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