fresh start…

Ok, I haven’t fallen off the planet. Got pretty close to calling it a day on the blog, however, as I’m getting better at journalling. I’ve also been struggling with what kind of content to write about. Now that this is open to people in the Diocese, would it be helpful for it to reflect more on what I do at work, or perhaps keep the same balance as ever.

Anyway, got some ideas about how to take this forward – especially since today we took a delivery today of a load of new youth ministry books. Lots to read and to think about in terms of application.

Also spent the last couple of days thinking about all sorts of things to with future plans at work. I read somewhere (probably one of the blogs I subscribe to…although I can’t really remember!) that what makes Google hugely succesful is giving a day a week to their employees to think creatively. We all need time to lift our heads and consider where we are, where we’re heading and what we’re all about. So some really creative ideas have come up, including some exciting ideas about training.

Finally, been having a really interesting God time. Been working through some ‘lectio divina‘ exercises which has created a real sense of peace each day, and also meant a deeper engagement with the Bible. Working on listening time as well as asking time. God seems to be really developing something deep and exciting within about the difference between waning and needing. Something about being deeply satisfied with his provision.

So, lot’s have been asking…I must get better at writing about it…I must get better at writing about it…

How many lines do I need to write?

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