a dawning realisation…


I’ve had one of those nights where I actually got to bed quite early, but then woke up in the early hours, and have been up since (it’s now 5.45am!). But it’s been great…one of those times when your mind seems to be just working really well, with a whole heap of clarity on things.

Listened to Rob Bell’s latest preach from Mars Hill and was, as ever, totally inspired. They’re currently working their way through Philippians – almost verse by verse – this year. Well worth getting a hold of through whatever podcast tool you use.

Was also thinking about work – not in a sad, stressed kind of way, but in a really excited, starting to see things falling into place kind of way! You know how something you sometimes lose a little sense of clarity on things, and then it just becomes obvious. I had one of those moments. I’m really inspired now to start joining up some of the dots. This evening I’ve got the privilege of meeting up with a bunch of youth workers (voluntary and paid) from the Devonport Deanery (part of the Anglican regional set up in Plymouth). We get a free Chinese meal out of it, which is always a bonus, but mainly it’s a great chance to be inspired and hopefully to inspire a little bit!

Then my mind was working on our next session with ‘the blast‘. It’s what we call ‘basic blast, which is basically (sorry!) all about the foundations of our faith and practice as Christians – so we’re starting with the bible…particularly the Old Testament this time. Got some ideas about looking at the major themes in an overview – like God is King, the importance of memory and justice. I think it could be a really exciting start.

So, there we go. Like I said, it’s been an interesting dawn!

Note to self..please stop with the rubbish puns…


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