the tree has landed…

Like many, we had managed to resist the temptation to put up our Christmas tree in November…but resist no longer can we (not sure why I’ve just gone all Yoda…)

So it’s up…and I suppose we’re now into advent well and truly!

Wonder how you prepare yourself for the coming of the Prince of Peace? Do we manage to stop and think about this or find ourselves far too busy carolling (my old Army comrades!) or just working and shopping and eating and…well, you catch my drift.

Here’s a couple of interesting webspaces to help us think about Advent…

Advent Conspiracy

The Advent Marinade

We’re seeing some really exciting things developing at Kay’s school (my gorgeous wife teaches at St Luke’s in Exeter) in regards to Christian input. We’ve developed a chaplaincy system for each of the 5 house groups which involved fortnightly assemblies and the beginnings of a ‘listening ear’ service. All very exciting and missional! Prayers would be very much appreciated…


2 thoughts on “the tree has landed…

  1. Hi Martyn, thanks for the links….. just what I needed – things are far too busy at work, home and army – am struggling to Be still and know that He is God!
    Prayers for you and Kay and for the Christian input at Kay’s School – keep up the good work.

  2. Less of the ‘old’ you young trendy thing. You’ll always be older than me ;o)

    Hope you and Kay have great Christmas.


    Andrew & the Clan

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