Speaking out of the silence…

It’s been a while…nothing personal, just a mixture of a bit of illness, good old fashioned hard work (believe it or not) and not having much time to stop and think.

So what’s happened?

Major thing would be taking the decision not to continue with my MA. Hard to explain why in a short post, but perhaps to say that it just didn’t feel like the right thing any more. Like chasing a piece of paper for the sake of it. I’d want to thank everyone at Moorlands for developing an awesome course…just it wasn’t where I was anymore.

Been working hard on a new strategy for our team at work…which is almost there. Sometimes it’s great just to think about what we’re about and where we’re heading. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities.

Another reflection. It’s almost exactly a year since we announced that I was resigning from officership in The Salvation Army. Thoughts? I miss a lot of people, and am crap at staying in touch. However, I can’t begin to explain what’s happened since. God is good. Simple as that.

I’m going to try and get back into the habit of writing on this thing. I’ve been experiencing a load of different things that I really should process at some point…not least different approaches to prayer. Again…God is good.


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