same…but different…

I’ve been listening lately to a new album we just picked up, Radio One’s Est. 1967 project. It’s a fantastic concept – one hit from every year since the station was established (in 1967, funnily enough!) is covered by a current artist. There’s some great tracks on there – and some really interesting interpretations.

In fact some of my favourite tracks are these new interpretations of the classics! They bring a real freshness to what might be something over-familiar…or help me to think of the original track in a new way…


I was just wondering how that might be a useful metaphor for the way we do church or youth work in the world in which we find ourselves. On the CD I’m listening to at the moment, the words are the same, the chord progressions are essentially the same, as are most of the melody lines – and yet they sound somehow different, somehow…fresh.

I know I’ve posted about this in the past – but what in our practice is essential, and what can be freshened up? What makes the song what it is, and what is purely peripheral/dispensable?

What about church and youth work needs to be the same as it’s always been, and what needs to be different? You know, I’m not sure I have any concrete answers – but it sure is fun thinking about it! Surely the message never changes, but the way in which we tell it might?


5 thoughts on “same…but different…

  1. There are a couple of ways of answering that:

    1) You’ve got LOTS of friends there.

    2) You’ve got a friend in Jesus. The Salvation Army is all about Jesus, therefore Jesus resides there, therefore you have a friend there.

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