wise traveller…

Just discovered wise traveller – looks pretty interesting. Might even try to pick up the books.

It’s an interesting concept – the idea of having someone that we can journey with who knows the land in which we’re travelling. Like having a ‘Rough Guide’ or something…someone who knows the cool spots to stop for incredible food or views, but also knows some of the pitfalls of the place.
Have a browse and see what you think…

(Just to clarify…this is a spiritual journey website…!)


2 thoughts on “wise traveller…

  1. I confess I write this before reading the link but it cuts both ways. The guide we had in China was Chinese and was obviously clued-up about everywhere we went… but that was his job, he was a tour guide.

    For shame, I know so little about this country of mine or the various, off-the-beaten-track places to visit that I would be, basically, useless.

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