Energy saving search engine…

Now howsabout this? I came across this recently as we were looking for things to help us be more energy efficient. Blackle is a search engine that is based on a Google custom search (for those of you who are tekkies apparently it’s something to do with white pixels using more energy than black pixels!).

What’s rather cool is that it tells you on the search page exactly how many watt hours have been saved through using Blackle! If you set this as your homepage it means that you save a little bit of energy every time that you log on…

It’s incredible to think that taking small steps like this can help the big picture…

Read here for more info about Blackle


One thought on “Energy saving search engine…

  1. (mis-spelled Blackle in the last comment… and I couldn’t edit it… so here we go again.)

    Quite right, it takes more energy to light up a white pixel than a black one. That only applies on CRT (telly) monitors, though. There are still loads of people using them, so the site’s definitely worthwhile.

    Sadly, Blackle makes little or no difference to the energy usage of TFT (flat panel) monitors, but they ues less energy all round than CRTs anyway.

    So, if you don’t have a flat-panel already, here’s your chance. Tell Kay you’re saving the planet by buying it 🙂

    Here endeth the geek-lesson 😀

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