Archbishop Homer…

The Archhishop of Canterbury has decided to send a copy of a new book about the Simpsons to all CofE youth workers. Read about it here

I guess this is something youth workers have been attempting to do for quite a while now – finding culturally engaging ways of communicating the good news to young people…

By the way, great picture in the article!


2 thoughts on “Archbishop Homer…

  1. Hi Martin,
    I just wanted to say that communication with young people can be a special gift. My wife has this gift. The ability to tackle any issue with children, teens, and adults. It is not forced, they are simply completely comfortable in her presence.
    I thank God for His gifts.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the comment! I think that you’re right – it’s not just something anyone can turn themselves to. The other thing that’s really impacted me is that it’s not about being trendy, but about being authentic.


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