Multimedia communication tools…

…or messing about!

Anyway, decided to join the Facebook craze – see right hand side of the blog for me picture thing! There’s lots of debates about using Social Networking sites as a youthwork tool – but well worth looking into. On a personal level I’ve connected with so many old friends – I’m rubbish at staying in touch with people! Sorry! However, there’s some great youthworkers utilising it as a connecting point with their youth groups…great stuff! Rather than running away from the dangers perhaps we could be part of the education process that sees our kids equipped to see danger coming their way and knowing how to react appropriately…i.e. not getting into the kind of conversations that lead them down the wrong road.

Secondly…hence the multimedia thingy…was listening to the Mars Hill podcast from last week which introduced Dust Comics…a great ‘graphic novel’ approach to some of the meaty Old Testament stories. Take a look. Not twee. Totally edgy. Bit like the Manga Bible someones come up with. Is this contextualisation in the right direction?


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