Great West…crawl…!

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So…I finished the half marathon…that’s probably the best I can say. It was still a great experience but I’m disappointed. Mind you, I’ve fulfilled one of the challenges I set myself.

I got really close to quitting…and I mean really close…but thanks to a wife and a huge degree of Thompson family stubborness I just knew I had to finish. I think I’ll give it a go next year and see if I can get it right.

Interesting faith analogy coming up (sorry, can’t help myself!!) but one of the reasons that I almost quit was that for a huge amount of the run I was on my own…and I just lost the will to keep going. In faith terms, we can get into the whole being on our own thing so easily, thinking that we don’t need anyone else around us when in truth we do. Clearly we need God with us…but as I’ve mentioned before faith is a communal activity – we need others around us to help keep us going, to hold us in check when things start to go wrong. We can’t live faith alone. Ok, so spiritual reflection bit over!

The photo is of my running buddy Steve and me after the run. Steve did an awesome time…much better than me!

Me old knees are still aching…


2 thoughts on “Great West…crawl…!

  1. “but thanks to a wife” – a wife or your wife?

    And I can relate to the family stubbornness… both on my side and my wife’s.

    Well done fella!

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