Annual General…Party…!

Last night was our churches Annual General Party! Don’t you just love church that calls it’s business stuff a ‘party’! It was great to hear how far Network has developed over the past year, having only been a part of the movement for the last 5 months. With Network still being a relatively new community of faith it’s still in the rapid expansion phase (long may it last).

There were just some great stories about the networks that are emerging and how people are embracing the missional mindset. So much happening!

May God long use Network as part of his ‘church universal’ in transforming this City!

Speaking of transformation, I’m speaking this afternoon at the Exeter College CU – probably on the subject of transformation…from darkness to light…into Christ’s likeness…of the world (I’m such a 3 point preacher!)…I was thinking of the title ‘Pimp my faith’ – coming from the MTV series ‘Pimp my Car’ which is all about ‘blinging‘ a basic, clapped out old motor into a beautiful, jaw droppingly shiny piece of ego! How language develops, eh?


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