Blurred Edges…

One of the things that we love about the church that we attend is their approach to mission. In many ways, it’s not simply an approach, but inherent to church life…not just a programme but a passion…

The most visible form of this is the ‘Blurred Edge’ Sundays we have every couple of months where effectively church is closed down for the day and we’re encouraged to ‘get out there’ and make relationships with our friends. In the old days we would have called this ‘pre-evangelism’, preparing people for the moment when we felt it was right to share the good news with them. I guess in some ways it’s still about preparing people, but I think it’s also about being authentically passionate about our mission in being the good news.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday where the speaker helped me to remember the whole thing about being Christlike. When people know we’re of Christ they will look at us and judge Jesus based on our actions. That’s something that has always, always scared me. So in every relationship, conversation and experience how are we living out all the stuff that we’re learning about Jesus?

So when we open our doors to our friends and invite them around for some food there isn’t going to be a gospel presentation as such – just Kay and me trying to live the gospel. Inevitably because of my work we end up talking about faith in some way, but it’s not the purpose of blurred edge in this case.

Before people will listen they need to see the difference it makes to our lives. Now, I don’t think they expert us to be perfect…but I do think they expect (completely correctly!) that we might be dancing to a different rhythm


2 thoughts on “Blurred Edges…

  1. Hi Martin, Steve Dutfield here. I’m sorry I lost your email address and have only now Have I been able to reply to your blog via the Army’s system. Last week was the end of the taught Masters and those that remain are gearing up for the dissertation. Everyone was asking after you and I pointed them in the direction of your blog. Maybe some of the guys will be in touch. I enjoy reading your musings and now that I’m able to access this I might start my own some time soon. I like the idea of your blurred edges, it sounds similar to what Nick and Kerry are up to in Stepney. Once a month they do some gardening and other good stuff in their neighbourhood. A great way of showing our faith in action. It’d be good to hear from you.

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