Another ‘A for Abductive’ quote…

The word team comes from Old English meaning the harnessing of two or more animals to pull some vehicle or implement. It’s an image that still comes immediately to mind when we think of a team of oxen pulling a plow or a team of horses pulling a wagon. My friend Lewis tells me of growing up on a farm and learning how to harness as many as five horses to pull the heavy farm wagon. The strength of the horses, their temperaments, and the nature of the load being handled guided how each team was harnessed together. Ministry team life harnesses us together as we join with others to accomplish ministry.
(A is for Abductive: The Language of the Emerging Church, Sweet,McLaren and Haselmayer [eds] )

I’ve also recently read ‘Invading Secular Space’ which likewise comments on leadership as a team model in the 21st century. No longer the uber powerful senior pastor…long live the people! So…can church ever be democratic? Can we comfortable not being led by a single individual?

I’m interested by this simply because I’m gradually getting involved in the leadership of our church. Their model is a steering team which aids Jon and Jo, the leaders. This is my first time on such a group so should be an interesting learning curve for me.


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