Guardian article…

Came across an interesting piece in the Guardian on Saturday. It’s written by Nicholas Buxton, a guy who was part of the Monastery programme on the BBC, who is now training to become a priest at St Stephen’s House, Oxford.

Read it here


3 thoughts on “Guardian article…

  1. Thanks for that, John. The Guardian can be surprisingly open for a supposedly leftie anti religion paper. I think that’s reflective of culture at large. Christianity has lost it’s allegedly privileged place in society, and is seriously worried about this loss of status. However, it just means we’ve got to be a lot more effective in communicating what we’re about and what we’re not about.

  2. ….and the privileged place was not always the best place to be in.

    Just finished reading “Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture”, which spends some of it’s time looking at that issue.


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