Edited highlights…

…of our Easter break…

Been nice just to get away for a few days with Kay’s Mum and family, and then to have a couple of days to ourselves back in Exeter. I now have the joy of a Friday at the office before the weekend…should be good though…

We went for a walk yesterday with some friends, Ian and Kitty. As I’ve said more than once we live in the most beautiful part of the world – the cliff path from Branscombe to Beer is just incredible. Lovely views and great company…

Just before the Easter weekend we had the chance to hang out with a range of friends with all sorts of views. One guy really pressed hard on the whole ordination thing – from the angle of asking how 2 years of training could prepare you for ministry. In many ways I agree with him if we were just thinking about ‘academic’ qualification. Incredibly I started having a conversation with him about ‘supernatural’ giftings that enable you to ‘do’ ministry, that on our own we’re not good enough. Could be an interesting ongoing conversation.

Anyway, must dash as I can’t miss the train!


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