It’s Friday…but Sunday’s coming…

It’s been a silent week or so here as I’ve been getting involved in the conversations that are going on at other blogs. Really stimulating to work through some of the things that we’re not always so good at talking about…

Had a great couple of conversations yesterday with some new friends, Nigel Taylor at Linx, and Anna, a third year History, Philosophy and Theology undergrad at Exeter University. One of the things about this job that I love is the diversity of people that you meet. Today I’m back down in Torbay to meet with the Principal Youth Officer for the Council. Tomorrow I’m spending time with a couple involved in youth work in Plymouth.

And it’s Holy Week! We were talking on Monday in the office about someone (anonymous even to me!) that seemed to think that during lent it was inappropriate to sing ‘happy songs’ in a primary school assembly. I remember as a kid never understanding on Good Friday why we pretended to forget that Jesus had risen from the dead and seemed to be happy to leave him buried in the tomb! Don’t get me wrong, I understand much more now about the importance of reflection and meditation on the incredible acts of the Cross, but I still believe that we’re called to celebrate that resurrection moment every day through the way we live our lives. So to suggest that a period of the year shouldn’t see us using happy songs in our kids and youth work just doesn’t sit comfortably with me! Yes, we should spend time reflecting and meditating the seriousness of the Cross, but let’s not forget what’s coming…!

As Tony Campolo once memorably said (actually, I’m sure it was more than once!), ‘it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!’. Thank God we have a resurrection faith – one which promises us hope no matter what we find ourselves in – that if death itself can be defeated by Jesus then anything is truly possible.

I keep meaning to post on the significance of hope…maybe sometime soon…


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