The joy of Skype…

Just having a three way conversation with my Dad and my brother over skype. Incredible – most we’ve talked together for a while. Thing is, I can’t figure out if I have a microphone on my laptop or not, or why my headphones won’t work when I plug them in…very confusing…

Challenge update…
Running – doing ok – got up to an hour but both Steve and I have been flued up over the last week or so. Someone else was going to join us…we’re turning into a merry band! We’ve even talked about maybe doing a triathlon next! In the meantime I’m signed up for the Great West Run…no excuse now…

Language – downloaded some Spanish lessons today – gotten over Andy’s snobbery about learning by tape! His wife V says it’s not that bad a way to learn!

Photos – got a new mobile that is pretty good at photo’s so getting better at taking them! Just have to remember. Having said that I’m about a month or two out on this one!

Still want to learn how to surf! And other things…still open to sensible suggestions.


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